The PREMIER Harbor & Sunset  Cruise on Newport Bay!

Newport Beach Decorated Homes and yacht cruises are featured this month - This years dates are December 12-18 and 26-30 (link)

The Holiday Boat Parade season this year looks to be as spectacular as last year. The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade and Ring of Lights Decorated Homes Competition takes place December 19-23, 2012. We are sticking to last years rate of $26.00 (no fuel surcharges, ups or extras) Tip well if we do an above par job for you... its a long winter for the crew.....

Newport Beach Sunset Cruises - $10.00 Friday Sunset cruises return 

Summer Sunset Cruises are back!  $10.00 Friday Newport Beach Sunset Harbor Cruise discount offers - $10.00 Friday's back for the fifth season - as always own food, beverages o.k. 

Thank you for making this a fun traditional event for the crew as well as our guests.  We will be adding 6PM departures 8/1-10/1 soon, email us with your dates to be added to the reservations list.

Info here: Link to Newport Beach Sunset Cruises.


Have a Voucher? Try our online check in feature. Use the "I have a voucher box at check out - no credit card required.


This April, the cool water has brought us many visitors this year. Many California  Sea Lions out on the jetty and a few south bound  migrating whales spotted on the Newport harbor sea lion tours.

The Newport Beach Harbor charter season has begun early for us  reserve a date now while the coupons are still up and the Saturdays available. There are $150.00 discounts available. As well as some $10.00 Newport Beach harbor cruise specials this winter. A inexpensive  outing, even better if you bring your own food and beverages ..........

$10 Sunset Friday Cruises all summer long   -  what seemed to us a long, long winter over.  Guests and Crew - It feels great to have you all back   Welcome!   We are going to be offering many specials this summer.  Some one has to prime the pump. If you are on our mailing lists - expect some special "customer appreciation" offers in your in box's in the next few weeks.    In the mean time - It is warming up and we could all use some fun.... How about a Friday night Sunset Cruise Deal?     I  deck-handed the boat for Capt. Dave T...  in "our"  day, he  perfected the tour.   A natural teacher and a heck of a Waterman in my book, if you have taken an OCC sailing course  you know Dave too.   It is about that time in the season to bring the cruise  back online - the crew ready to go. ...... and lets do it for ten dollars own food and soft drinks welcome,  Fridays  to start -  its been a long winter for everyone.    Newport Beach Harbor Guide and Map- good info here

Tickets are on sale for the Newport Beach Harbor Christmas Boat Parade of Lights (949) 673-0240   

This year the 102nd  Newport Beach Harbor Parade of Lights is expected to be bigger and brighter. The Boat Parade will take place December 16-20th.  Come join Fun Zone Boats as we enter our 62 nd holiday season on the bay.

There is very good Newport Boat Parade viewing from our boardwalk as the boats go right the office - get here early for a good spot.  Follow the extension cord from our office to the announcers booth  for the play by play. This year as in years past Capt. Mike Whitehead will be sharing his vast knowledge and details about the boats as they go by  or.... 

Better yet hop on one of tours and get right in the thick of things. A warm thermos of holiday  "shoreboat coffee" a blanket and a spot on outdoor bow - right hand side   seating on the Queen - always an after duty crew favorite.

Some great previous years boat photos from the Chamber - links above.

While at the parade stop by our docks and have a peek at our Tikiboat, a new look and make over this fall. Trey has gone back to our 1970 disco ball inspired TikiBoat theme roots. She has never looked better, new exterior look, all new window glass,  great new carved Tiki's great new fun.

Our two new fiberglass  harbor cruise boats have arrived.  The "Belle of Balboa" and "Showboat"  replacing the retired namesakes. "Belle" and "Showboat" designed from the hull up as tour boats. A borrowed north sea hull design offering superior ride quality and stability in the lake like water of the bay and handy for visiting the Sea Lions on a blustery January afternoon.  Speaking of January afternoons, keep a camera ready and a good eye out  for whales on the Sea Lion Tour

More photos soon, The new boats are in service and we will be using them on the Parade of Lights public trips and charters this season.​



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