The PREMIER Harbor & Sunset  Cruise on Newport Bay!

Belle at SeaWe poke our nose into the big blue Pacific Ocean, there always being Sea Lions at the Bell Buoy one mile offshore. We cruise along at all of ten miles per hour once outside, no speed limits here. Protected by the jetty, the big rock barrier quarried in Catalina for most of the one mile to the Bell Buoy and Sea Lions. We view the California CoastlineCatalina Island and The Wedge created by the backside of all that barged in rock.

Our Sea Lion Tour celebrity highlights  come into view,  Shirley TempleGeorge BurnsOur little buddy's boat beached over there in Pirates Cove.  A great snorkel spot on most days, with the right sunglasses, we can see the bright Garibaldi fish from the boat.

Intermission - We return to our docks for a 15 minutes.

We start to slip away from the dock. The "Showboat" while crossing the ferry lanes, glides right up to the harbors 5 knot speed limit. As we head for  Nicholas Cage's recently listed home, the narration begins. "

Another one of our of favorites Mr. Terrible, wait 'till you see the boat, next John the "Duke" Wayne slept here, the new owner made a few changes, leaving a memorial gazebo. We liked it better when The Duke would wave at the "Belle" from his dock. Wayne's' "Sands of Iwo Jima"  beach assault was filmed across the way from the movie actors no longer existent house.

It's rumored Cagney won the island and beach in a poker game, I like to imagine the game took place on the "Norwester".   Newport's wealthiest bachelor on the left. Now passing the home made famous by Columbo- my favorite tv episode filmed in this home. Roy Rogers up on the left. The folks who built the first motor homes, local Balboa angels, have a house on the channel up ahead............ 


Adults $30.00

Seniors $25.00

Children $10.00

0-4  $ No Charge




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